7 Things You Can Do To Cut Down Your AC Bill

With the heat of summer upon us, you might be cranking that AC and wishing for fall to come. Every time you get your AC bill in the mail, your heart sinks a little as you wonder how much it will be this month. We all are looking to save more money! Here are 8 things you can do right now to save money on your AC bill in Idaho. 

1. Windows. Your windows can have a huge effect on the efficacy of your Air Conditioning system. Making sure that your windows are tightly sealed will ensure that the heat doesn’t seep into your house – and that the cold air will stay inside! If you have old windows, you might consider upgrading which could save you a great deal of money in the future as well. 

During the heat of the day, make sure your windows are closed and that the curtains and blinds are drawn. Limiting the amount of hot sunlight that enters your home will help keep the temperature down. Alternately, you might consider turning off your AC at night and keeping the windows open. The cool air at night should keep your home at a reasonable temperature and save you hours of AC run time. 

2. HVAC Maintenance. If your air conditioning unit is not working properly, it can drive up your bill significantly. Be sure to call our HVAC Service team in Boise to perform a tune up on your system. There are several things that could cause your unit to malfunction (or even break!). We’ll be sure to change the air filters, take a look at the duct work, and ensure that each piece of your cooling system is working properly. These quick maintenance visits give you the peace of mind that your air conditioning is in working order, save you money on your AC bill, and keep your home at an ideal temperature all summer long. While we are proud to serve you for any Emergency HVAC repair in Boise Idaho, we’d be even happier knowing that you never even have an AC emergency! 

3. Did you know that replacing your AC system could save you money on your bill? By installing a brand new, fully functional system, you’ll be getting the best efficiency available on the market. Give us a call today for a consultation. We’re happy to provide HVAC services in the areas of Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, and surrounding cities. 

4. Another easy tip to keeping your house cool during the day is to keep the oven off! While it may sound silly, some home appliances generate lots of heat and can contribute to your AC bill. Try cooking dinner later in the evening, or using a different cooking method. Microwaves, Instant Pots, Air Fryers, and other similar cooking appliances will create less heat than cranking your oven to 350. 

5.  Watch where you spend your time. Remember what you learned in grade school science, hot air rises! So, if you can spend more time in the basement during the hottest times of the day, you won’t feel like you need to turn up your AC to stay comfortable. It’s a very easy change that can make a huge difference! 

6. Use your ceiling fans! While a fan doesn’t create cold air, it will help circulate the air from your AC and keep you cool. It also will help you feel cooler, even on a hot day! 

7. The last tip comes with an interesting fact. According to nationaldebtreleif.com, for every degree you increase your thermostat, you save 3% on your AC bill! This means that if you normally keep your house at 70 degrees, you could save 6% on your bill by keeping your thermostat at 72! However, you don’t want to be changing the temperature on your thermostat all the time – no one has time for that! So, consider installing a Smart Thermostat that will adjust the temperature in your home based on peak temperature hours, night temperature, and more. These small adjustments really can add up! 

And, as always, give Liberty Heat & Air a call for your AC Service, Repair, or Installation needs in Boise, Caldwell, Nampa and surrounding areas.