Furnace Company in Caldwell Idaho

With the cold months just around the corner, it’s time to make sure that you’ve got a friend (like us!) at a Furnace Company in Caldwell, Idaho. We’ll ensure that your home is not only warm this winter, but safe as well. 

You might remember going into the basement as a kid and being somewhat frightened of the big metal furnace in the corner. As an adult, hopefully you’re not scared of it anymore, but you still might have no clue about how it actually keeps your house warm! Let us teach you the basics of how your furnace works. 

Most people have a gas furnace in their home, which creates heat and blows it through the house’s ductwork. There are other types of heating like a boiler or heat pump, but we’ll just focus on gas for now. 

Step 1: The thermostat will trigger a signal to be sent to the furnace once it gets below your set temperature. The gas valve will then open and ignite the burner inside the furnace. In order for this ignition to take place, the furnace is equipped with a thermocouple that makes sure the pilot light is ignited before sending gas into the furnace. No flame means no ignition! This thermocouple is also a safety feature, and it is very important to make sure it is functioning properly. 

Step 2: The heat exchanger is an important part of the furnace because it separates the gas and combustion fumes from the air that is blown into your home. As heat builds from the burner, the heat exchanger will get very hot, and the air blown across it will become hot as well. To ensure that your breathing air stays safe, it is important that the heat exchanger is fully intact with no cracks or holes. 

Step 3: The hot air that comes off the heat exchanger is blown through the ductwork of your home. Cold air is also picked up and blown back into the furnace to create a cycle of heat. Once the set temperature has been reached, the thermostat will signal the furnace to shut off. 

And voila, you’ve got a toasty warm home! 

Next time you need a Furnace Company in Caldwell, Idaho, make sure to give Liberty Heat & Air a call! We’re here to make sure your furnace is in the best condition this winter. 

-Liberty Heat & Air