Furnace Installation in Nampa, Idaho

Liberty Heat and Air provides the best Furnace Installation in Nampa Idaho.

Winter is definitely on the way! And with it, comes the need for your trusty old furnace. 

But, how old is it actually?

If your furnace is 15 years old (or more), it’s time for a complete system replacement. Why? You might ask?

There are many reasons to replace your furnace 

First, an old furnace can really drive your gas and electricity bills up. We all know that we’d love to save more money, and this is a great way to bring lasting savings on your HVAC bills! 

You might also notice that you’ve got super cold or super warm spots in your home. THis means that your furnace is not working at maximum capacity. If you’re needing to use a space heater in specific rooms in your house, it’s time for a new furnace. Not to mention, space heaters actually drive up your heating bill like you wouldn’t believe! 

An old furnace will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. You might be continually replacing parts, dealing with your breaker tripping, or stressing about the incoming cold weather. Give yourself a break from the constant headache and call us for your Furnace Installation in Nampa Idaho.

There are Also Dangers Associated with an Old Furnace

Your furnace brings lots of comfort and warmth when you need it, but make sure you’re keeping up on your maintenance to protect the safety of your home. 

One especially important thing to look at is your heat exchanger. This part of your furnace separates the fumes created by the heating process with the clean air that you want to breathe. If the heat exchanger is old, it can become corroded and develop cracks. These cracks can slowly allow carbon monoxide to seep into the air of your home. By replacing your furnace, you’ll ensure that your breathing air stays clean and healthy. 

What Can a New Furnace Do For You?

Let’s think for a minute, what did our computers look like 15 years ago? Did you even have a cell phone, let alone a smartphone?

If you can imagine the advances made in technology, remember that HVAC systems are no different! If your furnace was installed 15 years ago or more, it’s efficiency rates are probably no higher than 70%. Today, a brand new furnace can give you rates between 85-98! This means that you won’t be wasting so much money on gas and electricity that isn’t even being used properly. 

Another great benefit of a new furnace installed in Nampa Idaho is that your home will be so much more comfortable. New furnace technology will provide you with warmth in every room in your home! 

When you’re ready to replace your old furnace, be sure to call Liberty Heat & Air for your Furnace Installation in Nampa Idaho. 

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