Heating Service in Boise, Idaho

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Did you know that there are many different types of heating elements for a home? The most popular is definitely the good ol’ furnace! 

Here are 5 different ways to heat your home when it gets cold outside! 

#1 Heat Pump – think of this like a refrigerator in reverse. Generally, a heat pump will draw warmth from the air or from the ground. The heat pump stores this heat and uses it to warm up air that is then blown back into the house. This is a great way to heat a home… unless the air or ground temperature becomes too cold. If there is little or no warmth to absorb, the heating capability is obviously reduced! You’d only consider a heat pump if you live somewhere that doesn’t get very cold winters. 

#2 Boiler or Steam System – These kinds of heating systems use water and steam to heat a home. A boiler will heat water inside of a tank, which creates steam. This steam travels through pipes in the home and ends up inside a radiator. Since we want to get warm without getting wet, a radiator gathers the steam, radiates the heat, and sends the condensated water back through the pipes to repeat the cycle. 

#3 Heating Stove – this is by far one of the most charming home heating devices, although mostly outdated. A fire is lit within the cast iron or steel body, the residual heat is ventilated through the house through ducts, and the exhaust exits through the chimney. Some heating stoves don’t even have connecting ducts, and the fire acts as the main heat source – so you better get close if you want to be warm! 

#4 Portable Heaters – these types of heaters can be a double edged sword, so be careful not to drive up your electricity costs! Most portable heaters work almost like a hair blow dryer, pulling in cold air, heating it up, and blowing it out. This can be a great option if you are only using one room in your house, or if only one person in the home is consistently cold. Instead of turning up the thermostat to heat the entire house, you can supplement the heat with a small portable heater. However, using these kinds of heaters consistently can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket! Instead, call the Heating Service experts in Boise at Liberty Heat & Air to take a look at your furnace. It’s possible that a quick furnace tune up can reduce the need for extra space heaters and save you money! 

#5 Fireplace – If you have an old, drafty fireplace with a chimney that goes outside, you might notice that your fireplace makes your house colder! You can replace it with an energy efficient fireplace insert that will give you the perfect amount of warmth without the draft – and without lighting a fire! Fireplaces are usually located in high traffic areas or bedrooms, which can help save on heating costs. If everyone is in the family room, you can turn down the thermostat, turn on the fireplace, and enjoy a cozy evening! 

No matter how you choose to stay warm this winter, Liberty Heat & Air is here for all Heating Services in Boise Idaho. Click here to contact us, or give us a call now! 

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